Zimmet Healthcare Services Group, LLCZHealthcare is a comprehensive reimbursement, compliance and management support firm dedicated to the operational excellence of our clients. Our experienced 50+ person consulting team includes former Fiscal Intermediary and CMS managers and auditors, MDS trainers and licensed therapists.

Our leadership team has extensive experience with all aspects of the complex SNF reimbursement landscape, including acuity-based adjustment, cost reporting, billing, documentation, ancillary services and managed care. In fact, members of our team were involved in the development of state and federal “case-mix” payment systems. We are also leading the way with our “Advanced Healthcare Initiatives” program, assisting providers in positioning themselves for the new world of Accountable Care Organizations,¬†Bundled payment and Medicare/Medicaid managed care.

We have served as advisors to state and national organizations in the development and evolution of complex reimbursement systems, and have serviced thousands of providers ranging from national chains to government-sponsored facilities.